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Top 12 Digital Art Topics


Number 1. Digital Painting Techniques

✅ Tutorials and tips on creating digital paintings using software like Rebelle 7, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, or Corel Painter.


Number 2. Character Design

✅ Guides and inspiration for designing characters, whether for animation, games, or personal projects.


Number 3. Concept Art

✅ Exploration of concept art for video games, movies, and other entertainment media.

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8 Ways AI image generators will change the collectability of art prints and posters in 2024

Collectable AI Generated Artwork being evaluated by an art collector in a traditional art auction house

🔊 Article read by Jennifer, AI Art Gallery Consultant : 


AI image generators have the potential to significantly impact the collectability of art prints and posters in several ways:


1. Unique and Personalized Artwork:

AI image generators can create highly unique and personalized artworks. Collectors may value the ability to own something that is one-of-a-kind or tailored to their specific preferences. This could lead to increased demand for AI-generated prints as collectors seek more individualized pieces.


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